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While all my brothers were asleep I was watching re-runs of Cheers or Night Court, both of which were highly entertaining to me.

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As I grew older I would stay up watching movies, playing games or just about anything besides sleeping. When I started trading Forex in I realized that my sleep disorder was perfect for Forex trading as it is a 24 hour market. It was perfect, too perfect.

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While forex fit my sleeping patterns fairly well, I started staying up too late. On a typical night I would go to bed around am, however, now that I was trading forex I would routinely stay up to am.

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I was in trades, I had to manage the trades. Keith is an expert forex trader and I wanted to pick his brain on what he was currently trading, looking at, and simply have a dollar conversation fortex trading llc buy mattress one of the best. While discussing the forex markets, Keith asked what pairs I was trading and what style of trading.

As discussed in prior chapters of the Trading series, there are 4 major bank opens in the currency cycle, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, and London.

Forex Trading 101: Go To Bed

During the bank open is when most economic reports are being reported, it is when most HFTs get going, when the international trade is heating up, and when the professional traders are trading. All of this means that the bank open is the most important moment in the day for the currency.

The pair traders will focus on for the GTB trade will vary depending on the individuals specific situation and where they live.

At the opening of the bank specific to the pair you will trade the market will start moving. Typically we will want to see a break of support or resistance prior to making the trade.

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If there is no movement and no break, then just go to bed. If there is, you will want to place the trade and then determine your stop loss.

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In the above example the London bank opens up at am GMT which is the Greenwich Mean Time and the basis for the world 24 hour time clock. This is a breakout and a perfect signal for the GTB trade.

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A simple buy places the order, I placed a 20 pip stop and went to bed. I woke up this morning, grabbed some coffee and drove to the office.

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When I got everything logged in, I pulled up the trade at about am MST oh such an option is still during the London bank time zone and adjusted the stop and finally at about an hour before the london bank shuts down, I close the trade.

Total time in the trade: 7.

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