Change, Evolution, and America

what evolutionOne of the overarching themes of Darwinian Evolution is that all living organisms are “changing” from a  simpler organism to one of higher complexity. Evolutionary Biology posits that life began with just a single cell that “became alive” and has changed  into more and more complex life forms over long periods of time, even though it has no idea how the first cell came about.

Darwinian assumptions have become embedded in Western culture, so much so that the assumption that everything must “change” in order to improve is ever more evident in US national politics. The belief that “anything goes behind closed doors” because evolutionary biology has proven “God is a myth” is also painfully evident.

Barack Obama’s 2008 election using the slogan “Change” is evidence that many Americans accept the false premise that change is usually for the better. Obama even utilized the term evolution to justify his change of stance on Gay Marriage implying that his position had improved to one of more fairness.

The idea that “times are changing” has never been more true. With the constant barrage of Anti-Christian, Anti-God rhetoric from the media, the courts, celebrities, and academia, it’s no wonder that some Republicans are changing their position on social issues like gay marriage. The party that once held  the social values of born again Christians across this country are changing their tune to the beat of Gay Marriage drums.

Divorce, violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse have all increased since the 1950’s, and that kind of change is not for the better. The family, which is the foundation of any society, is quickly disintegrating. The degradation of the family began with taking prayer out of public schools and taking God out of the public square. This change has been reinforced by the notion that God is a myth, a by-product of the theory of evolution.

Our minds are engrained with the need for change. Unless a product is constantly new and improved, sales will plummet. Failure to ‘change’ formulas or marketing techniques leads to failure of the product or company.

“We must change with the times.” “ We must always keep up with the change in  ________ (fill in the blank).” “The one thing that is surely constant is that THINGS CHANGE.”

It is easy to get caught up in the change mindset. But, how many times have you downloaded the latest software version or upgrade only to discover that it’s not an improvement at all? How many times have you tried the latest and greatest product pictured on TV or the internet only to decide it was a gimmick and a rip off?

Not all change is in our best interest especially when it is imposed on us by elites who claim to know what is best for everyone.

My advice is to think long and hard about whether you really believe that Obama’s change is for the better. Will Obamacare actually be a good program for everyone—both young and old? Will imposing “gun registration requirements” (Universal background Checks) actually make us safer? Etc, etc.

(But, perhaps  even more consequential, think long and hard (think critically) about the scientific arguments for and against evolution before you whole-heartedly accept evolution as truth. Don’t just accept evolution because you believe so many well educated and well-versed PhD’s can’t be so dead wrong. For there is indeed evidence that there is change “within a species” for it to adapt to its environment (Darwin’s finch beaks), but there is no observation of this change extrapolating into new and different species.)

Indeed many things change, as they must. But, Christians and Jews believe that “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. And many conservatives believe that our country was founded by God fearing men and that God grants us our rights—not man (the government).

Change was indeed the order of the day during the founding of our country, changing from the rule of the king of England to self rule. But, this change put God in control of our destiny, and this change gave us a republic which could only be kept together by a religious people.

Evolutionary Biology has helped breed all types of godlessness, crime, addiction, lasciviousness, which has led America and the whole of Western Civilization down a selfish and lazy path to a Nanny state—a path of ever increasing socialism leading to communism.

The progressive agenda was changing America long before Obama’s policies were implemented. He has merely increased the momentum. Progress implies forward motion, but it can move us towards a very different goal than the average person may realize or believe possible in America.

Is America’s evolution/change towards a growth of government one that is oppressive or empowering to the individual?

As Dr. Carson said last week, let’s not accept everything imposed on us without question only to find ourselves later in a real predicament, shaking our heads, asking ourselves, “How did we get HERE?”

Pray for America and for the Peace of Jerusalem.

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