Camping In The Great Outdoors

inside my tentAh, there’s nothing quite like camping. Back to the basics, the woods, the trails and all the other exciting adventures that go along with camping.

Unfortunately last time I went, I forgot my leatherman. It was the most horrible camping trip I think I’ve ever been on. I wanted to go fishing and needed to change some of my fishing line.

Normally, I use my leatherman for this task however, that wasn’t possible, why not? Because I forgot it lying on the table when I was packing.

That was the biggest mistake I could have made. I actually drove back home to get it. Whew, thankfully I wasn’t too far from home when I remembered.

Now I could go fishing. I gathered up my pole and my leatherman and I was able to successfully switch out the line with one tool. I could use the pliers to hold the line and the cutting part to snip it off where I needed to snip it. It was perfect.

When I caught the fish I could hold the fish in one hand and remove the hook with my plier part of the leatherman. I am so grateful that I remembered it before I got too far from home.

I think that my leatherman is the most important tool I could ever own. I use it when I am camping to hold things, to snip wires and fishing line, to fix fishing line and to do a multitude of tasks in and around the campground where I choose to camp.

geatest toolMany people think I’m kind of a nut for choosing my leatherman as my main tool to take with me camping, however, I find that it has so many tools in one that I don’t have to bring my entire tool box.

With the screwdrivers and pliers, I can do most any task. I can cut things and pull things and it’s like having a dozen tools in one.

I even used it to fix the terminals on my car when it wouldn’t start. It is amazing that people own entire tool boxes full of tools and no leatherman.

I take mine camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. There are so many great uses out there for a leatherman that I can’t imagine not having one. In fact, I have several.

I bought one for each of my kids and I use mine almost daily especially when I am camping. It helps me when I am changing out the mantels on my lanterns. It helps me to pick up small items and tie my fishing lures on my line.

A leatherman is a must in anyone’s camping equipment. I don’t think I could go camping without mine. My brother didn’t use one until he saw me with mine, now, he takes his everywhere as well.

It’s amazing how one simple tool can do so many tasks. I am so glad that I got to know a leatherman tool and have several.

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